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  1. To add some functions similar to own pc
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Chrome on caen

We don’t have root access to caen in order to install our favourite softwares , so a possible solution is to add Chrome apps or extentions. Here are my lists.

To add some functions similar to own pc

  • Google Input Tools
    Chinese input in web.
  • Pushbullet
    A must-have for Android phones with notification mirroring, universal copy&paste and file transferig.
    Sad to see that now some features require pro version.
  • Screen Shader
    An alternative to F.lux on PCs. Protect your eyes in the night.

Convenient tools

  • Mouse Gesture
    It’s always easy to use gestures.
  • Google Translate
    The best translation tool on Chrome.
  • Lasspass
    Well, though it was recently sold to a not so trustworthy company, it’s still the most convenient password orginztion tool.
    Its pro features are affordableand are great on mobile devices.
  • Mixmax
    A good Gmail/Inbox helper. Better editor, and email tracking.
  • Onetab

Beauty is everything

  • Wikiwand
    Wikipedia is so ugly, make it more elegant!
  • Tampermonkey
    You should not say you have used Chrome without it. More script please!